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Who sees your WhatsApp DP – Whats Tracker App

Whats Tracker

Today we are going to talk about Whats Tracker App Kya Hai Whats Tracker App Kaise Use and Download Kare, friends, today we will tell you about such a trick, using which you will be able to find out the hidden users who view your whats tracker app That is, you will be able to know who has seen your profile picture, knowing this is a thrilling experience in itself and it is a matter of excitement.

Although it is another matter that I am not interested to know, I have seen that many people are very curious to know that who has seen the photo posted by them, or they want to know That his dear friend or any of his close ones for whom he has put that photo, whether he has seen that photo till now or not, in this case, this post will help you completely. Here we will talk about how you can find out the person viewing WhatsApp Profile by hiding WhatsApp Profile Tracker, that too in a few minutes, so let’s go to know some things to know about it.

Whats Tracker App Kya Hai

Till now WhatsApp has not launched any such feature so that we can detect it but with a 3rd party app you can trace it, Yes, using Whats Tracker you can find out the people who viewed your WhatsApp DP. Can be installed easily.

Whats Tracker App is an application created by ITamazons that saves all the users visiting your profile, and also saves the Whats App Profile Picture that you have seen, so here you will also know that you have so far Whose DP have you seen and what are those DPs, not only this, from here you will also be able to talk to WhatsApp users living near you without knowing their phone number.

Whats Tracker Visitor and Visited – Difference

whats tracker app
whats tracker app

whats tracker app

So far I have told all its features, but I would like to repeat it once again, which are its main features so that you can clearly know its features.

  • Here you can see the list of people visiting your WhatsApp Profile.
  • Here you will also get the list of WhatsApp Profile visited by you.
  • You will be able to find out the location of any other contact from here.
  • From here you will also be able to talk to WhatsApp users near you, that too without taking their WhatsApp number.

Some drawbacks of Whats Tracker App

Till now its shortcomings have not been mentioned, it does not mean that this app will prove to be the ideal app for you. Will fall

  • This is a free app so it shows you the ads, if you don’t want to see the ad then you have to pay around 1$ for this.
  • Here you will get the update of your Profile Visitor only once a week, if you want to get Daily Update, then you will have to spend around 2$ for this, which according to me is pointless.

Whats Tracker Kaise Use/Download Kare

  • Step:1. First of all you download and install whats tracker apk r apk on your Android Smartphone from Google play store or from here .
  • Step:2. Now read the Terms & Conditions thoroughly and if you are Agree then continue.
  • Step:3. Now enter your name, country, and your WhatsApp number on the next page and sign up.
  • Step:4. After being successful, you will see Content Loading happening in front of you, and after that you will see an interface exactly like Whats App, but here in place of Chat, Contact List, Visited in place of Status and You will get your Profile Visitors instead of Calls.
  • Step:5. Now by going to the Visitor Tab, you can see who has seen your WhatsApp Profile, and in the Visited Tab you will see all the profiles whose profiles you have seen.
  • Step:6. If you want to hide your location, then you can hide it by going to Settings.
  • Step:7. And if you want to logout or delete your whatstracker r Account, you can do so by going to Settings.
Whats Tracker
Whats Tracker

Not only this, here only one person will see all the photos that he has put on his WhatsApp profile so far and you have seen it, then from here you can also see the old WhatsApp Profile photo of yourself and your friends and Here we also get the answer of how to see all your old WhatsApp Profile Photo.

I hope you have understood this trick very well, if you do not understand it, then you watch this video, here we are trying to explain it well

Last word

If you like today’s WhatsApp Profile Tracker Download – WhatsApp tracker apk Kya HaiWhats Tracker App Kaise Use Kare, do tell us by commenting how this post is, by the way, this Whats Tracker App 2019 is a useful app to a large extent, and some of its features are quite There are also influencers for which you will need to spend some capital.

But I would say that you should use its free features only, its feature to save your Old WhatsApp Profile Photo is going to be very impressive and at the same time tell through the comment that how did you like this post of ours and Whatever your suggestions, do let us know, we are eagerly waiting for your comments.

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Publish Date: 2021-08-06
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A Whats Tracker is a great tool for keeping track of all your Whatsapp messages. It can be used for personal or business purposes. Make sure you choose a tracker with the features you need

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