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Safe Gallery App Download Old Version 2022

SaFe Gallery Someone is accessing applications on your smartphone and they have their hands on your

personal pictures and videos, really breaching your privacy. There are some applications available in the

App Store that can really help users to hide their private photos/videos. AppLock & Gallery Vault is the

best app among them. Here in this tutorial, we are providing you simple guide on how to lock your apps, private photos/videos using AppLock and Gallery Vault.

Safe Gallery Free Download

SaFe Gallery APP
SaFe Gallery APP

AppLock & Gallery Vault bring your support for Android smartphones. This app is specially designed to

lock apps and protect your private photos and videos with encryption. The app is ready to lock any

application with a passcode, it is possible to lock your favorite photos and videos, by creating a new

folder and also adding your images or videos. If you want to find unique images and videos while

allowing you to use a secure browser and download the app is easy from the place.

safe gallery app free downloa

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AppLock & Gallery differs from its competitors in that it is extremely easy to use and has a completely

fresh interface. The app is equipped with three security credentials (password, pin, and pattern) that

strengthen the security of your private images and videos. The app has a pleasant and user-friendly interface.

Features of AppLock & Gallery Vault:

Before downloading this app let’s discuss some of its features.

  • Back up locked photos and videos to Dropbox account
  • Three security credentials (password, pin and pattern)
  • Secure browser (browsing and download history is hidden)
  • decoy mode (fake user)
  • Nine Beautiful Themes
  • panic switch mode
  • Organize photos and videos in multiple albums
  • hack attempt monitoring

Lock specific apps, as well as hide your secret photos and videos: is one of those organizations working day and night to provide complete data security

to the people. As their application, Folder Lock, has served people around the world to protect their

personal information on their desktop PCs, laptops, and smartphones, they have also created yet another

masterpiece- AppLock and Gallery Vault for Android smartphones. have built.

How to lock your apps, private photos/videos using gallery safe lock & Gallery Vault?

  • First of all download AppLock & Gallery Vault from below link
  • When you open the application for the first time, you will need to choose the type of security credential you want to apply. You can set up a complex password, PIN or pattern .
  • The app gives you the option of “None” if you don’t want to employ any security credentials, however, this is not recommended at all. After setting your desired passcode, you will be asked to enter your email address so that if you forget your password at some point, you can recover it.
SaFe Gallery
SaFe Gallery

Now, you are ready to lock your desired application. Log in to Apps and select the apps you want to lock. There are also different techniques for dodging snoopers.

SaFe Gallery
SaFe Gallery

Protect photos and videos:

Using App Lock & Gallery Vault App you can lock your favorite photos and videos. Create different albums and import pictures or videos accordingly. However, you can also take pictures and shoot videos from the secure interface of the application.

You can also browse images and videos using its secure browser to hide download history or web history and download them directly into the application or you can turn on Wi-Fi and set the IP address provided. You can enter it in your computer’s browser. Afterward, you will be able to transfer your pictures or videos to or from the application.

SaFe Gallery
SaFe Gallery

cloud backup:

Another advantage of this app is that you can back up your locked files from Dropbox. Backup to the cloud will surely strengthen your security and enable you to access your personal photos and videos remotely.

Decoy Mode and Panic Switch:

Decoy Mode and Panic Switch:
Decoy Mode and Panic Switch:

In the APP Lock & Gallery Vault app, you can find some more unique features that allow users to take care of themselves. With decoy mode, you can create fake login for empty applications. That means if someone wants to get this information which is hidden in-app lock and gallery vault, you can use fake login and show them nothing else inside the empty application.

Hack Attempt Monitoring:

This is a big list feature app that rolls out to many and improves security that hacks to attempt tracing. In case you accidentally drop the phone and some who are trying forcefully try AppLock & Gallery Vault to stop all your data.

If someone goes through the app, the app activates the mobile camera to catch the hacker to find out who is illegally trying to access your phone data. Last and lastly, App Lock & Gallery Vault gives full authorization to any file that you are setting on the phone memory card.

Now you can lock specific apps on Android, your photos, videos with complete security using AppLock and Gallery Vault app. If you have any doubt regarding this comment below.

  • Click here to download it from playstore 

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