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Play Store Download Today in this post we have brought complete information about play store download Kaise Kare and play store friends if for some reason play store has been deleted from your phone or uninstalled from you and you also think Are I have to download the play store.

 Then you have come to the right place, here I will tell you how to download the play store, as well as how to update it. To install Play Store, read this post carefully till the end.

how to download play store download playstore in jio phone

about play store

Google Play Store Among the services offered by Google, Playstore is also an Android market, which is made for Android apps, like to use other Google services, you have to create a Google account, which is named a Gmail account. also know. Similarly, for the Play Store, you should also have a Gmail account so that you can easily log in to it.

Without Play Store, you cannot download Google Play service, and apps on an Android phone, and to run many applications you need to have Google Playstore. When Google released the Play Store, it used to have only 25 to 50MB of applications, but the size of the apps has been increasing with time. Before content filtering was added to the Play Store in December 2010, it was difficult to filter apps.

 You can do many things easily through the medium of Android phone, such as mobile recharge, bill payment, etc. To use all these things, it is necessary to have Google Playstore and Google Play service on your phone.

So let us know (play store download) how to download ply play store download

play store download

AppGoogle Play Store
Offered ByGoogle LLC
RequirementsAndroid 4.4+
TypeApp Store, Game Store, Ebook Store.
PlatformAndroid, Android Tv, Wear OS, Web apps.

Google Play Store Details

Play Store Download
Play Store Download

Many of you have accidentally uninstalled the Play Store app from your phone, and then you are worried that how to download the Play Store again, to download the Play Store app, you must first make sure You can read our old article for whether play store install Services application is also installed along with play store install

To download Play Store, by following the steps given below, you will also be able to download the Play Store app easily, just follow the steps given by us.

how to download play store

Play Storefile
play store latest version downloadDownload
play store download 2021Download
play store download 2020Download
play store download 2019Download
update play storeUpdate

Play Store 2019 ,2020 ,2021 versions

play store download link

Step 1

Play Store Download
Play Store Download

To download install play store download, you have to click on our given link, as soon as you click on it, you will open play store in front of you, click on download from their play store download link

how to install

Step 2

Play Store Download
Play Store Download

As soon as you download the app, you click on that file, when you click, then the option to install will come, click on it

  • add gmail account

After installation, you have to open the google play store app. As soon as the play store download 2020 is opened, the option to add a Gmail account will appear in front of you, select your Gmail. After selecting, enter your Gmail password.

  • Permissions and Payment Method

After accepting the permissions, whatever message appears in front of your screen, click on OK.

After this, you will be given the option to add a payment method, skip it.

how to play store app download in jio phone

Steps are given below to download Play Store on the Jio phone. By following them, you can easily download Play Store on Jio’s phone as well.

  • connect internet in jio phone
  • Open the browser by pressing the menu button
  • As soon as the browser is opened, search Google Play Store, open the official website.
  • Once the site is opened, login with Gmail.
  • After login, you will see the icon of playstore, click on it.
  • After downloading the Playstore, install the desired apps.

Jio phone works on kaios, which also provides you with a kaistore. You can download the play store on both normal phones and jio phones in our given way.

You learned in this article that when the Google Playstore store is accidentally deleted from a phone, or because of some error, then you can easily download the Playstore.

If there is any kind of problem related to the phone and play store, then you can easily ask its solution on this website, whether you comment in the comment box or send the question from the contact form, its reply will definitely be given in a day. 

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