Mod Apk Of Zombie Catchers

Mod Apk Of Zombie Catchers Mod Apk Of Zombie Catchers Introduction: Zombie Catchers is a popular game for Android and iOS devices. The game has been downloaded by millions of users. It is a great game to pass the time

Mod Apk Of Zombie Catchers
Mod Apk Of Zombie Catchers

Zombie Games Where The Walking Dead Aren’t Bad Guys

This morning we introduced you to Drag’n’Boom, an arcade title that added elements of role-playing and strategy that tried to put a fun twist with a dose of humor for the typical adventures in medieval kingdoms. However, it is possible to find similar twists in others such as zombie games. In this, in which action and terror go hand in hand, predominate, however, there can be some examples that overwhelm the broadest themes.

So that you can learn more about the options available to you that are present in the application catalog, today we will show you a brief description. The list will not be of titles starring the undead and sometimes defeating motives, but the main characters around whom the whole story will be expressed.

1. Mod Apk Of Zombie Catcherscher

Mod Apk Of Zombie Catchers We begin with a task in which, once again, we must kill hordes of these creatures, but still fun because of its plot: we land in the shoes of two alien merchants who set up a shop on Earth and start their own business. All those displayed in the windows travel the planet-hunting the undead and delighting the much sought-after consumers.

download-code zombie catchers mod apk Zombie HuntingDeveloper: Decca GamesPrice: Free 

2. Role-Changing Zombie Games: Infectonator

Mod Apk Of Zombie Catchers
Mod Apk Of Zombie Catchers

Second, we see a title that takes place in a pixelated environment and with a very simple idea: invade the world’s great capitals and turn into zombies for all the inhabitants we meet. We will have special characters and abilities to achieve this. However, the survivors will show fierce resistance.

downloadQR-codeInfectonatorDeveloper: Armor GamesPrice: Free 

3. zombie catchers apk mod!

While it sounds hard to believe, the truth is that there are some works in the genre that are designed for a wider audience that doesn’t have any doses of violence as is the case with this third title. In it, we have to put ourselves in the shoes of a zombie catcher hack boy, who must overcome obstacles and traps set up by living humans and who, along with his family, must discover the secrets of a virus that turns the entire population of the planet into the living dead. will change.

downloaded Apk Of Zombie Catchers Family! Developer: PlaystormPrice: Free 

4. Zombie Castaway

We close this list of zombie catchers mod games apart from the usual games with a love story. In this play, we have to help a Mod Apk Of Zombie Catchers travel the world in search of a substance that will be able to reverse its condition and this will be necessary to win over the girl with whom he is madly in love. However, throughout the adventure, we will see how these creatures also have intelligence and are able to build prosperous cities in which we can cooperate.

zombie catchers mod apk download

download-code zombie CastawaysDEVELOPER: VIZOR APPS LTD.Price: Free 

What do you think about all these works? In the past, we told you more about some of them and others are unknown but they also have their place in the catalog. We leave for you a list with related information available such as, for example, the best games of the genre 2017 for iOS and Android.

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Mod Apk Of Zombie Catchers
Mod Apk Of Zombie Catchers


Zombie Catchers is a great game to pass the time. The game has been downloaded by millions of users. It is a great game to play with friends.

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