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Free Fire Advance Server

Free Fire Advance Server: Before updating to the global version, Free Fire creates an Advance and New Server. And the developer also introduced his new features there. Now every user can easily play and find bugs to report back to Garena developers. Most of the users take advantage of Free Fire Free Diamond as a reward. It can help developers of (Garena/FF) test bugs and enhance the user experience.

Free Fire Advance Server

But friends this FF Advance Server is only for a limited number of users who can download and activate the code. Now players are very excited about Fire Advance Server New Update because Free Fire Advance Server lets you enjoy the same battle royale experience you’re used to, but with tons of new features that will surprise even the most experienced players. 

Advance Serve Free Fire | advance server free fire

Advance Serve Free Fire: OB32 Advance Server is ready to bring a plethora of new content including a brand new pet Flash, Charge Buster gun, Pet Ludo, Lonewolf Strike Out, and more. The Free Fire OB32 Advance Server file size is approximately 750 MB, and you can find the Free Fire Advance Server direct download link below. To download Free Fire OB32 Advanced Server click on the download link given below.

Free Fire Advance Server New Update

Fire Advance Server New Update: This new update will have many new features. In the below section we have mentioned the main point of the Server: –

  • Only players who have free fire advance Server Activation Code can use it.
  • Please register to receive your online limited Advance Server Activation Code .
  • The FF Advance Server feature includes various free options that are not accessible to everyone. And some of these features are not even available to the general public.
  • Any Android smartphone user can install Free Fire Advance Server .
  • The iOS version of Free Fire will be available soon. Still there is no news about when it will be available but when it will come online. We will update you through our article.

Free Fire Advance Server Download

Advance Server Download: What is Server and why does everyone want to join it. Fire Advance Server is a special server where players have access to upcoming events in the game such as Luck Royale, Diamond Royale, Gold Royale, Moko Store, and many more. Access to upcoming events via the Fire Advance Server APK  helps players learn more about great events in the game.

Free Fire Advance Server
Free Fire Advance Server

Free Fire Advance Server APK Download

Free Fire Advance Server APK Download: Below, we have given step-by-step instructions to Download

  1. Open the official website of Free Fire Advance Server Download by pasting this URL in the search bar of your Chrome browser  . 
  2.  Log in to the official website of Advanced Server using your Facebook, Google, Twitter, or VK account, which was used at the time of the Free Fire account creation.
  3. After logging in, you will receive a link on your email ID, in which you will get a direct download link for  Fire Advance Server .
  4. Click on that link and  download free fire advance server apk Server APK .
  5. Now locate the file and click on Install button.
  6. When you  open OB32 Free Fire Advanced Server  , you will be asked to enter the Server activation code . Enter the activation code to access the Advance Server.
  7. Next, Garena’s system will verify your code.
  8. After that, you  can find all the details and new server updates in your FF Advance Server account.


Fire Advanced Server updates every two months. So, you must visit this page frequently to get the latest updates about FF Advance Servers for the Free Fire game.

Free Fire Advance Server Registration 2022

Free Fire Advance Server
Free Fire Advance Server

Free Fire Advance Server Registration 2022: So dear gamer if you are willing to get OB33 APK File then first of all you have to register yourself on the official website. And only those with Server Activation Code can do a free fire advance server download. But users will not be allowed to register for the new server if they do not have the code. Please follow the given procedure to log in to Free Fire Advance Server and do Free Advance Server Registration :

  • First of all go to the official website of Free Fire game.
  • You can see the option to log in with your Facebook account.
  • Kindly access the link and login to the Free Fire Advance Server Download page.
  • Then, you need to fill in the details like your full name, email address and your phone number
  • Next, you have to enter all these details and submit.
  • And you  will see the option of “Join Now” .
  • Lastly, pre-register yourself for FF Advance Server.

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Free Fire Advance Server Activation Code

Fire Advance Server Activation Code: You already know that we have talked about a new server that cannot be activated without an advance free fileserver Activation Code. And you just need that Free Fire Advance Server Activation Code/Key for activation so that Advance Server Free Fire can be activated.

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